Counseling in Motion BK edition is an online pre-filing counseling program developed by the American Center for Credit Education.


The goals of Counseling in Motion BK edition are:

  • To help you understand what bankruptcy is and what is involved in the process of filing bankruptcy.
  • To help you develop a detailed list of your income, expenses and assets and help you develop a budget based on your new financial goals.
  • To help you and your counselor gain a complete understanding of what caused you to consider bankruptcy. This information can help your counselor come up with an Action Plan that can help you overcome your financial difficulties.


Through Counseling in Motion BK edition, you will learn about:

  • The most common types of bankruptcy.
  • The Means Testing process.
  • Assets that typically can or cannot be kept after your bankruptcy.
  • How bankruptcy affects your credit report and future credit.
  • Budgeting, and how it can be a tool to help you stabilize your finances and help you achieve your financial goals.
  • How to live well while spending less money.
  • Options other than bankruptcy that might be right for you, and options that are not recommended.


As you strive to change your financial future, applying the information in Counseling in Motion BK edition can help you make informed decisions about the right options for yourself and your family.